Learn This Revolutionary Approach to Healing with OFT Founder Andrew Fretwell in Marbella Spain 24th & 25th January 2015


What you will learn during the course

  • How stress is the root of chronic disease arising as undigested emotional charges in the body
  • How to manage your own life force energy when applying OFT
  • Learn The Original Feeling Touch, The Listening Touch, & The Power of Gentleness
  • How the nervous system of most people is automatically switched to fight or flight
  • How all symptoms are a sign of your soul wanting to evolve towards your greatest potential
  • How to stay emotionally neutral, body-centered and fully present during an OFT session
  • How to support and guide people through difficult feelings
  • How to give a full OFT session on back and abdomen, so you can start practicing
  • Emotional Anatomy from the Taoist Inner Alchemy approachHealing is always a step forward in evolution. There is no healing without change. Once we are healed, there is no turning back and no suffering through the same symptoms again.

What is Original Feeling Touch?

OFT - Original Feeling Touch - is a holistic approach to therapeutic touch. It’s the result of many years of exploring and sensing the hidden dynamics of healing.


Real healing is defined as an understanding that painful symptoms are not something to just be repressed or ignored, whether a bodily symptom or an outer life symptom.

These symptoms are ways the all intelligent life force uses to communicate information to our body/minds.


OFT  provides the support of an unconditional touch that will allow you to experience deeper dimensions of yourself.

As you go deeper into yourself, you access profound levels of energy and vitality that is waiting to be integrated into your life. You will begin to feel your potential and many hidden abilities will start to be accessed and expressed.

The Listening Touch is one of the key components of OFT approach. As soon as we are listening we are in a place of mystery, we have entered a space where anything is possible.

To listen with all our senses is an art and is incredibly healing for someone to be on the receiving end of that sort of listening.  READ MORE here www.oft-touch.com

Price 195 Euros

Booking and Information  Marleen Gosselin 
Email::cabopinoholisticcentre@hotmail.com  Tel: +34 650 460 664

andy-olderOFT - Original Feeling Touch is the result of 25 years’ experience of Andrew Fretwell. Andrew has experienced thousands of bodies under his hands, as well as training many professionals. His deep passion is to transmit all this wisdom in a simple way. He is continually refining it so anyone can get the same life enhancing results.

see peoples expereince of OFT here www.oft-touch.com

I’m currently back in Spain writing and preparing next years courses.I’m also available for private sessions drop me and email if your in the Marbella area  tao.alchemy@gmail.com  Love Andrew