Deeper WuJi Gong in Ängelholm Southern Sweden
     15th & 16th November 2014
    Contact Carina Andersson  +46 709- 52 77 51

The focus of the deeper WuJi Gong class is to understand the fundamental fear of change that every human being carries in their DNA. If you’re taking the deeper class then at some stage you will most likely go on to teach others WuJi Gong. So this deeper class is a chance to understand your own fear of change and have compassion towards it. The deeper class allows you to go much deeper into the wisdom of your body.

From the point of view of evolution our bodies are as perfect as you can get. The scientific view would be something like “nature cannot be trusted so let’s intervene,” this does not mean there is no value in science but science has to be guided by our hearts intuitive knowing of the wholeness of life.

This is a very deep conditioning that we all carry, the regular practice of WuJi Gong will start to remind you of the wholeness and sanctity of life and that life can be trusted. Trust over time will move from your mind to your emotional body and finally into the very cells and DNA. It’s only when the cells within wake up to this basic trust in life that you can say you have allowed spirit to descend into matter fully. This is termed embodiment and is the ultimate goal of your WuJi Gong practice. This process takes courage and patience.

All of WuJi Gong has this focus of the mind being a servant of the heart. This is expressed universally across our planet now by the rising of the feminine principle. It will play out in all our relationships especially are close intimate relationships. All conflict happens because the mind is given authority over the heart. Another way to say this is when we blame anything outside ourselves and give it power over how we feel, then we have taken on a victim consciousness. There is no judgement of this but we do need to see it clearly.

In the deeper class we start to slow down and relax deeply. As you relax deeply the personal and collective fear stored in our cellular memory starts to unwind and more and more light can be released into being. What you need to understand is that this is not something that will happen in an ideal future but is something you can tune into second by second. Basically if you are afraid love yourself as you are, nature does not mistakes.

All stress is a reaction to collective genetic survival fears. Human beings have spent far longer evolutionary in survival mode then in higher learning and objectivity, and it’s this deep seated fear of losing control that is at the basis of all stress and lack of relaxation that you see globally on our planet right now. Interestingly when you visit more so called primitive society’s you see far less stress and a much more relaxed attitude in the bodies of these peoples.

Divine Will is Complete Physical Relaxation. Is a basic truth of life, but to relax that deeply entails a deep trust and faith in the wholeness and goodness of life. As you relax more and more, than naturally you will release more and more fear from your personal, ancestral and collective genetic memory. This needs to be deeply understood when you practice WuJi Gong over a long period of time, otherwise you will stop practicing when the fear starts to release from within you. Every time fear starts to arise, love it and embrace it, moment by moment, nature does not make mistakes.