Summer Retreat in Bordeaux France with Andrew Fretwell
10 Places left book early to get discount price

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“Deep relaxation is the birth-right of every human being. Just look at babies, they are so very relaxed! That’s our natural state! We are all on a journey of wonders back to that incredible state of relaxation. WuJi Gong & The Gene Keys are both a way of reminding people of their natural state.”  Andrew Fretwell Founder WuJi Gong

Cost for Accommodation & 3 organic meals a day in a shared room:  330 Euros

Cost for Course:  Early Bird: 375 Euros  if you book and pay in full before 10th June 2014
Full Price after 10th June 450 Euros:   Maximum 15 Places Available Book Early

Reservation Wim Ellul  + 33 6682 84751  ellulwim@yahoo.fr

Venue very close to sea in beautiful french countryside

Daily Retreat Schedule

  • 7.30am to 8.30am: Morning WuJi Gong Practice
  • 8.30am to 9am: Sun Gazing & Meditation
  • 9am to 10am :Healthy Organic Breakfast
  • 10.30am  to 12 .30pm: WuJi Gong & Gene Keys sessions
  • 1pm to 2pm: Healthy Organic Lunch
  • 2pm to 4.30pm: Free time for contemplation and being in nature
  • 4.30pm to 6.30pm: WuJi Gong & Gene Keys sessions
  • 6.30pm to 7.30pm :  Healthy Organic Dinner
  • 8.30pm to 9.30pm : Star & Moon Meditation’s  

Where do our good qualities come from?  In my experience they arise naturally from the deeper dimensions of our being. The Taoists call these qualities “De”  it means virtue, and every human being has their own unique expression and combination   We are all potential  Genius’s just waiting to blossom.

This is why I consider the Gene Keys so important at this time in humanity’s evolution.  The Gene Keys paint a very accurate map of your particular Genius, you particular virtues.  On the retreat we will combine these two very powerful practices that both originate from Taoist wisdom. The I Ching, Qi Gong & Inner Alchemy.

WuJi Gong dissolves the old conditioning you have stored deep within you, by bringing into your body the balanced energies of nature, the directions, the planets, and the whole cosmos. As you draw these into your essence what the Taoists call Jing or what a scientist would call DNA, they dissolve the unconscious patterns that limit our Genius from expressing in the world right now  You can read more about WuJi Gong here www.wuji-gong.org

“The Gene Keys are about living a life of genius. Genius is an often-misunderstood word. Every one of us is born a genius. It’s not about having a huge intellectual capacity – it’s about finding your higher purpose in life – that thing that sets you apart from all others. It’s about finding that thing of greatest beauty inside you and releasing that into the world.

We have all seen, heard of and perhaps even met human beings with extraordinary qualities – people who radiate a presence or a sense of the beyond – and who seem beyond the suffering of the rest of humanity. And yet these kinds of states are the natural flowering of our human evolution, and they actually exist inside us as a dormant potential in our DNA. The Sole purpose of the Gene Keys is to unlock that vast potential inside yourself”.Richard Rudd  Read more about The Gene Keys here genekeys.com

Reservation Wim Ellul  + 33 6682 84751  ellulwim@yahoo.fr

Venue very close to sea in beautiful french countryside

 ”WuJi Gong offers the most amazing solution that everyone in the world needs. Everyone needs to connect with the collective stress held in the body, to become aware of how deeply ingrained it is in our nervous system, in our cells, in our view of life. This collective stress drives us unconsciously, unless we become aware of the true nature of human beings, which is to be deeply relaxed. I know of no other form of Qi Gong that induces such deep bodily relaxation, calm peaceful centered emotions, combined with effortless connection with our authentic true self.  It’s why we say WuJi Gong is Revealing the Essence of You

andy-olderAndrew Fretwell is the founder of WuJi Gong www.wuji-gong.org a growing worldwide organization of over 160 teachers.  He  is the educational director of The Art and Essence School of Chi Ne Tsang,  www.cntcshool.com. A Senior Instructor in Mantak Chia’s Universal Healing Tao System.  His deep passion in life is to transmit all this wisdom in a simple way. He is continually refining his approach so anyone who learns WuJi Gong can get the same life enhancing results.