Chi Nei Tsang Guide in Bucharest Romania


October 6, 2015 @ 9:30 am – 7:30 pm
Capital Plaza Hotel
260 Lei
Marius Stan
+ 40 726 200 876

New Certificate Program: Become a Chi Nei Tsang Guide in 3 Months.
With Andrew Fretwell Director of the Art and Essence School of Chi Nei Tsang
Bucharest Romania Saturday 30th March 9.30 am to 7.30 pm

It’s been my deep wish for a long time to create a simple certificate program that would support people in their physical health and emotional lives. I have now created that program it’s basically two courses spread about 3 months apart.  In the program you learn …………

1 How to give yourself a Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) to support your own physical and emotional health.

2. How to give friends, family and loved ones a simple Chi Nei Tsang

3. Be able to guide others how to give a simple CNT to themselves

4. How to be with your own emotions in a loving and validating way so you can digest more of life and become more emotionally mature

5. How to support your family and children in understanding their own emotional lives

During the first course you learn the above, than for next 3 months you have the opportunity to put it into real life practice either as single person or in a relationship with or without children.

You then re attend the same class and show that you understand how to support yourself and other people through difficult emotions. You also demonstrate that you can educate others on how to give themselves Chi Nei Tsang.

If at a later date you want to become a professional practitioner the Chi Nei Tsang Guide counts as the first level.

After you qualify you can advertise as a Chi Nei Tsang Guide with a certificate from my school and a listing on the official web site.

The goal of this program is very clear. In my experience its difficult emotions that are at the root of all conflict with ourselves and with others. There are really no role models in life for how to be with difficult emotions. As a Chi Nei Tsang Guide you will be one of those new role models that our world needs at this time. It’s my deep wish that this program will spread CNT to many people who may not want to be a professional practitioner but want the benefits of better digestive and emotional health for themselves, family and loved ones.
Chi Nei Tsang Guide: Course Contents

The Taoist View of Life
What is healing?
How to give yourself Chi Nei Tsang and how to guide others to do the same
The importance of receiving regular Chi Nei Tsang
The large intestine and how it relates to our emotional life
Open and apply qi gong on the 4 corners of Large Intestine
Skin & Lymph Detoxification and the emotional meaning of the lymph system
How to release the diaphragm and deepen natural breathing
Emotional meaning of breath and how we hide emotional charges in our body
Open the 8 inner gates of the navel
How the 8 gates in the navel relate to 8 quadrants of body and different organs
Learn the 3 different types of touch in Chi Nei Tsang.
Earth grounding Qi Gong
Developing trust in ourselves and in the healing process of Chi Nei Tsang
The 6 essential conditions for healing
Being with difficult feelings and emotions

Questions and Answers:

Q. Can I only take the first class just to learn how to help myself?

A. Yes of course this is for anyone interested in self-healing

Q. What is the difference between a Chi Nei Tsang Guide and Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner?

A. Chi Nei Tsang Practitioners commit to a much longer training and are committed to making a full time career out of Chi Nei Tsang. Chi Nei Tsang Guides are mostly interested in spreading the benefits of Chi Nei Tsang to family and loved ones and educating others how to work on oneself.

Q. As a Chi Nei Tsang guide can I charge others for teaching them how to give CNT to themselves?

Yes I encourage you to charge because people will value it more and are more likely to put into practise in their lives. I’m suggesting a fee of 60 Euros for all Chi Nei Tsang guides to follow.

Q. Do I need insurance to practice as a Chi Nei Tsang Guide?

A. This is up to your own special requirements, different countries have different laws. From my perspective having insurance projects a more professional image for your practice

Q. How do you evaluate the Chi Nei Tsang Guides on the final course?

A. On your final course you will be asked to pair up with a new comer and teach them how to give CNT to themselves. You will also have a small interview with Andrew about your personal experiences with this work.